Artist's Statement

Painting drawing poetry it all comes to life with a spirit animal, an ancestor, even an old friend. I never plan to create.  It just happens.  Sometimes I get along with my work. Sometimes I don't. But the paintbrush or pen doesn't lie. More will be revealed and so I travel my world on the sly.  My influences include Art Brut, Dubuffet, Philip Guston, Basquiat, Pollack & Picasso. I find inspiration in ancient to current folk arts and legends. I paint in oils & acrylics on canvas, found wood, frames and windows. I create multi-media sketches using collage, pen, pencil, pastels, gouache, and watercolor on found drawing papers & boards. My work has been compared to that of other Contemporary Neo-Expressionists since the mid '80's. I express with and without words using techniques such as painting directly from the tube, scratching through with the palette knife, drawing in layers. Spontaneity can wreak havoc on an idea or bring it into a life beyond my wildest dreams. 


~diane green