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September 22, 2022 - It is the Autumnal Equinox today, isn't it? I'm stuck between going barefoot and wearing long sleeves. For Chicago, the chill is in the air. For my cat Django, bringing the exacerbation of hunting and gathering outdoors more exuberantly to an indoor setting is becoming a lost cause. No way are we turning on the heat, Django. It's Autumn, it's Fall for the leaves changing color and firewood showing up in grocery stores. 


Thoughts of sending Happy Mabon greetings to friends and family weave through my brain with attempts to Google the right gif but I just can't bring myself to choose someone elses' schlock. Thus, I bring one upon myself as the Blogetta post for the day.


Mabon. The Pagan name for a Celtic Wiccan day of celebration. Autumnal Equinox... a day for which Christians can scratch their heads and wonder if it's alright to worship Nature.


Here's the Green Man and the Daphne Tree at Brigid's Well along with upbeat Calypso drumming for celebration from one of my old paintings: 


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