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Spirits - Mixed Media - ©dianegreen 2019


Poems I wrote when…

I was way out west


March 1978


Days lost. Madness found.
Somehow, Love came.
And turned me around.
Give me golden peace.
Like a new star in the East.
Silent. Liberation
from a hole in the ground.


March 1978


New Moon and Pisces.
Giving new journeys.
To the moondancing
girl in the flame.
New colors for an old rainbow
The treasure we find
will fall on your name.


September 1977


In love, there is No Fear

Out of the realm
of silence,
she speaks
Taking on glances.
That appear to be bold.
Wondering if she'll cry
if there's no one to hold.
Waiting on dreams from
Colorado to Ceylon,
fencing out the fear
that just keeps calling.