Return to Bella Meow ~dianegreen

Desert Wind – ink drawing – ©dianegreen 1978


saving these virgin pages for

someone in your dreams:

forget it, moon dancer

the obvious will never

be what it seems

skipping off lovers

like stones in the streams

go back to your cobweb

where you danced on


away from the village

where they take

their adventures

through a computer

in the den

out to the cacti

and the whispering wind

voices in the silent


and floating in the blue

away and traveling

into you…..


midnight wine songs

and pleasure

red mountains in the morning.

in the new mexico wind

comes a silver magician

just keep the magic


desert madness


our hearts to the

sound in the moon

love finds no sunset

warm heart never sleeps

in tune with these crazy crows

talking to these twisted trees

amber warm insanity

taking this wizard’s reality

and nobody knows

like i do, how much

i love you


entwined in the music

of his gypsy song

she sleeps

under the gazing stars

far away her sadness calling

far away she cannot hear

a dream a rainbow a rapture falling

given an oasis to replace the tear