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Chairman Meow

by diane green©

Chairman Meow
Professor Black Lightnin’
Mojo hand candidate
He’s my city kitty
of 9 lives he’s landed eight

Longhair black
He’s my 3rd one ya know
The first two were in Memphis
Lightnin’s from Chicago

Swirling premonitions
His shadow came to me
Humboldt Park hunter
he was trying to catch
a squirrel laughin’ in a tree

Now Lightnin’ I named after
Old blues Hopkins Mojo Hand
I used to sing that song ya know
When I was in that Hellcat band

Now black cat paws
Can scratch and grab
Fast as an alley rat
Lightnin’ knows where he’s the boss
He’s the inside cat

Old and ornery
Black and beautiful
Meow Morning sun
Meow Get up
Meow Get busy
Meow cat food run

Dark as night full moon or
Meow lay down and sleep
Meow get to bed
Meow sleep like me

Meow now your mantra
Meow under your fur
Meow for nirvana
And when you get there Purr