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Diane Green Artist's Statement


For me, art is freedom of speech that is beyond words.  My creativity evolves from my stream of consciousness interconnecting with my personal experiences. My paintings are created within the moment, while patterns and symbolism weave from the past, the present, and the future. Over the years I have created in a variety of subjects, genres, and styles. I seek adventure while treading old and new paths.


My lifelong career as an artist evolves day by day. I believe viewers of my work may find personal meaning and connect. That is my intention and spiritual quest.


Wisdom translates through shape, form, and color in any mode of style. My works have floated through realms of abstraction, expression, neo-expression, and surrealism. 


Over the years I have been influenced by Van Gogh for his madness, Basquiat for his freedom of expression, Dubuffet for his innocence, Hilma Af Klint for her unrecognized genius, as well as thousands of contemporary artists, outsiders, self-taught and educated who are workers among workers in the allure of Art.


~dianegreen 2021