Kingdom of Living Trash


In 2009, Getho Jean Baptiste learned to create sculptures at the workshop of Céleur Jean Hérard, the founder of “Atis Rezistans" and also a great Haitian sculptor.

In 2016, Riccardo Angelo, an Australian artist introduced Getho to the world of painting.

Getho’s work is flowing, solid and active, using mostly recycled garbage that is a threat to the environment.

Getho uses the found objects: plastics and used metals to illustrate and express true Haitian and Vodou culture.

The people of Rue du Magasin community in Port Au Prince Haiti are very understanding and willing to work with Getho as he starts his own school. We would all like to see him move forward with this important work as a teacher and artist. He currently has 15 students with more on the waiting list.

Getho and his students use the following elements: brush, acrylic paints, wood, plastics, metals.  They also need two laptops to do research and finally….They need a place to rent as a studio!