New Vision Art School

In 2017, This Is It Gallery was approached by an artist in Haiti, Lesly Pierre-Paul. A painter himself, Lesly started New Vision Art School in Port Au Prince as a means of helping improve his Ghetto community. 


New Vision's art students are survivors and children of those who lived through Haiti's 2010 earthquake.  New Vision is a brilliant dream from an artist who wants to help his own community.  Artists from New Vision are now sending photos of their spiritual survivalist works hoping to be shown in Chicago and beyond. They want to continue art making as their own form of expression that is, for some of them, undoubtedly beyond words.


New Vision needs support in order to continue and grow. I see the continuation of New Vision as an opportunity for artists from Haiti to perhaps even come to America and develop another New Vision Art School in our own neighborhoods that need art programs in Chicago as well as across the country. Purchase of works for the artists and students of New Vision help support and develop this much-needed art program in the Port Au Prince Ghetto community.